Learning English abroad: time to choose

05/24/2017 08:04

In the modern world the English language is, without exaggeration, one of the basic skills necessary for survival. Foreign words are so firmly intertwined in our daily lives that people who do not speak English, may not understand the interlocutor, not be able to enjoy presented by the gadget, and the Internet is especially dear to him closed. Getting a prestigious profession, a career, travel abroad – all of these benefits are directly dependent on the language proficiency recognized internationally.

Probably for anybody not a secret that the best way of learning foreign languages is the immersion method. Briefly, the gist of it is that all the training is conducted only in the target language, and students do not resort to native even in communion with each other. This method is widely used in many language schools, but with him there are certain difficulties. Ideally, the student courses of a foreign language must use English in their free time, but in practice everything is different: crossing the threshold of school he stood up in the Russian-speaking environment. Communication with family and friends, reading books, watching movies – all in their native language. This, of course, affects the results. Usually between classes is at least a few days, lost all progress. Learning becomes multi-ton and inefficient waste of your time and, more importantly, money.

Fortunately, now available to us out of this situation, which several decades ago seemed science fiction. Is there a more effective and fun way to learn English than to study abroad? Unequivocally – no.

First, English courses in USA – is a unique chance to combine learning with active leisure, discover a new country and really get to know its inhabitants, their culture, visiting the largest metropolis in the world – new York. Anyone who has ever thought about the trip to the States, knows how difficult for independent travelers to obtain a visa at the American Embassy. You need to collect all documents at the appointed time to come to Moscow, stand in a long queue, successfully pass an interview in English and, very often, to hear a refusal. The students of our language courses issued a student visa, and the process of obtaining it is simplified.

Second, the training format promotes rapid assimilation of knowledge. No tutorial or even a tutor, not a native speaker, will help you develop perfect pronunciation. And while abroad, every day listening to live speech of Americans, you will be able to get rid of the terrible token issuing our compatriots abroad – a characteristic accent.

If you look, learning English abroad is not only fast, but also quite budget-friendly way to learn the language: the trip will cost you no more than if you have gone to the US on vacation. And if we compare this amount with long and often little effective cost on Tutors and textbooks – courses in new York advantages become even more obvious.

Where would you rather be: behind a Desk surrounded by dictionaries and tests or on the 86 floor of the Empire state building observation deck, from which all of Manhattan as the palm? What do you think is more effective – to solve similar exercises on outdated textbooks English or soak up the language and vocabulary, floating on the ferry past the statue of Liberty? Hundreds of our students already has answered these questions. What will you choose?

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