April 2011

Jiasui Liu was chosen for the best student of April 2011 session!

" I am Jiasui Liu. Recently I was chosen as the best student of April session. I am very glad and think that I should thank everyone of this school.
 I am 43. I am from China. After having worked as Chinese language teacher in Beijing for 12 years. I went to Tokyo Japan. I had been working there for 10 years until I came here.
 I like to study English after school, except doing my homework. I always read the New York Times of the Wall Street Journal. During the weekends I play Tai Chi at the Prospect Park with several American friends.
 I enjoy the light in New York City.
  My family is in Beijing I have two sons, 10 and 5 years old. They are my motive power of studying hard" .