June 2011

Tatyana Yatskevich was chosen for the best student of June 2011 session!

(Tatyana is the girl in the middle in a striped dress)

"  I am Tatyana. I haven't been in Bell School for long but the time I spent there was very enjoyable. Teachers are very kind and open-minded . This makes process of studying much easier and interesting.  While improving your language skills, you have an opportunity to meet new people and learn others cultures and traditions. All the students in this school have their personal achievements, goals, and motivations to be where they are. The thing we have in common is courage to live in different country pursuing our goals and enjoying our lives here at the same time. I believe that people need to have something extraordinary strong and beautiful inside in order to live in accordance with their own will and be still themselves no matter what difficulties they are going through.
 We are all unique. Stay this way and believe in yourself!  "