September 2011

Deniz Turkan  was chosen for the best student of September  2011 session!


"Hi my name is Deniz. I come from Turkey. I am very thankful for being Best Student in Bell Language School. I be successful because  i have great teachers ,i am a good listener and i studied very hard. I always do all my homework..thank you to especially my teacher Marina Bleyer.
you can always have fun while learning...all the teachers are very helpful...the first day i came to the school i  didn't feel like a stranger..i felt welcome and comfortable with everyone.
I was afraid and i didn't know which   school to choice i understand i choose the right school..
all the staff  ,my teacher Marina , school manager Angela ,and my sweetheart Ksenia was a very big help to me. They are first in my heart.
Before i forget i was also chosen Best Costume in my school Ballowen party. I didn't believe it  i was  shock  i am best the best. But  i was very happy.
Thank you for everything. I couldn't have done it without your help and smiling  and warm personality."

Deniz also won Best Belloween Costume Award 2011!

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