Apply to our "Reading about New York City"

07/27/2012 14:07

Attention STUDENTS!

This session we are offering Reading about New York City ELECTIVE course for the students who finished advanced level and above!

Topics to be discussed about New York:
  • History
  • People
  • Traditions
  • Values
  • Architecture
  • Violence and Resistance
  • Urban Education
  • Current Issues
  • Literary New York

Class Meeting Time: Monday – Friday (5 days a week) 6:00 – 9:45 PM

The class will be co-taught by two New York professionals: Mike Dunphy and Ivan Moore

  • MIKE is a seasoned writer, an editor, and a photographer in New York City. He freelances for numerous magazines and websites USA Today, PBS, Travel + Leisure, Beer Advocate, Time Out, Continental, Galavante, Winds of Change, Inspirations, Hannaford's fresh, AOL City's Best, Equanimity, and Patch. Mike speaks 6 languages and has extensive international experience as he lived in 6 countries and traveled to 26 countries. He has a Bachelor Degree in English and History and Master Degree in Publishing and Writing.
  • Ivan is a true New Yorker, an experienced actor, producer, High School ex-Dean, and an ESL, Speech, Theater, Literature, Incarcerated youth G.E.D., Mediation and Conflict resolution teacher. He is the Award Recipient of the 2001 Superintendent of Brooklyn High Schools Staff Recognition Award for excellence in TEACHING! He has A Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and Theater Production and Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).
Course Description:

This six-week Reading about NYC course is designed for advanced adult students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to increase students’ awareness and understanding of the history and cultural values of the United States and NYC in particular. The students will read, listen, and talk about New York City through cross-cultural integrated-skills controlled and communicative activities and meaningful contexts. Students will learn about American and New York values, where they came from, and how these values affect various institutions and aspects of New Yorkers’ everyday life, for example, religion, business, government, race relations, education, recreation, and the family.

Materials to be used in class:
  1. The Place Where We Dwell: Reading and Writing about New York City, J. But & M. Noonan, Kendall, ISBN: 07575-2050-2
  2. New York: A Documentory, DVD Series, Ric Burns, 1999, Steeplechase Films, ISBN: 1-4157-0246-2
  3. We Are New York, DVD series.
  4. PowerPoint Presentations, the Internet, software, audio/video, and supplementary materials