Student opinions

Tatyana Yatskevich
 I spent 5 sessions in Bell language school. They went fast but brought a lot! Attending classes I had an opportunity to interact with a big variety of cultures and ethnics. While having improved my English, I also acquired  knowledge of different nations' customs and history and therefore became more broadminded. Now when I am transferring to a college, I feel very grateful for the school's big contribution through providing a good background in the language and personal experience. I also would like to thank all the teachers I had a chance to communicate with for their wonderful work and encouraging students to pursue their goals. 
Kosmas Bogiatzis
Prospective students do not waste time looking online for English schools in the Big Apple. I‘ve already done that for you and the result was of course the Bell School! I remember myself spending hours on internet to find a school not expensive but very good. Now I know that I definitely made the right decision and I've already recommended the school to friends as the best choice. I attended another English school last year more expensive and I wasn’t sure what I was going to experience at Bell School. But for my surprise, the school is Great! Considering the low prices, the helpful and always smiling staff at the front desk, the friendly and warmhearted director, the cozy environment, the high quality lessons and the unique manner every teacher uses while teaching you can say that Bell Language School is for sure the best choice you could ever make in order to improve you English while staying in New York! My last word for Bell School? Every morning it makes my day.
Roman Zinzer
Roman Zinzer, Russia
I had a great time at Bell, sophisticated teachers, especially my last one - Mark, from who I've really gained tons of knowledge, and have met a bunch of good people with whom I'll keep in touch as long as it possible.  Hopefully, someday, I'll experience that again.
Tatiana Kurzhos
I’ve been at Bell Language School for over two years. It’s time to leave now and I’m feeling so sad about it. I’ll be missing this place.Bell School is a perfect choice for those people who prefer to study in  a cozy atmosphere that helps  international students,  who miss their home country and feeling  lonely in  New York City. I should admit that my conversational skills considerably improved while studying at Bell Language School. I’ve also learned a lot about American culture here . Holiday events and field trips at the end of every semester have helped it. I have to mention the teacher’s creativity who manage to make learning English effective and interesting. I’ve enjoyed studying here. Thank you, Bell Language School.
Jay Sujjaruk
Jay Sujjaruk, Thailand

I love the school !! Great School in NYC in my opinion . I never regret to choose the school since I came from my country. Now i need to leave to the University ,that make me miss NYC and Bell School so much.Bye for now.

Claudia Forero Orjuela
"My name is Claudia and the first thing that I want to say is that I'm so grateful with God to give me the opportunity to be here. I am from Colombia where I was studying Biology. I love animals and nature in general. I'm so glad to be studying in Bell Language school. Teachers and staff are so nice and I really can feel my improvement in English since I started to study here; thanks to Robert, John, Mark, Peter, Nancy and Andrew. Also, life in New York city is amazing. It is a city full of stuff to do, to learn and to live. ^_^ Thanks so much and see you in class !!! "
"I want to say “thank you”  for opportunity to learn English in Bell Language School. It was a pleasure for me to study  here all these months. The staff there is very friendly and helpful. I want say special thanks to my teachers: Leon Geyer, Andrew Benincasa and Robert Kimbrell. Administration is great, they helped me a lot. Special thanks to Ksenia Mironova for her help and support.
Studying in this school helped me to go to college". 
Anna Narloch-Medek

"... live your dream in the Big Apple ..." - this was my first thought when I came to New York, the city what never sleeps ... I enjoyed the unparalleled distinct advantages that are the embodiment of NYC - art, culture, history, nightlife, food and shopping but primarily PEOPLE! During the last eight weeks I also improved my English at Bell Language School. It was the best decision to choose the school! Brilliant teachers, very interesting lessons that offered something new and exiting everyday! I haven't gained only a grammatical grasp of the language, I'm able to express myself with confidence. I had the opportunity to make new friendships with classmates from the whole world. They're for me like stars ... I won't see them, but I will know they're always here because they always stay in my heart ...Thank you for one of the most beautiful times in my life!

Natacha Tsimiante
Natacha Tsimiante, Madagascar
The first time I came to Bell Language School the coziness of the school made me feel really comfortable right away. I met new friends from all over the world while I was improving my English skills in class with the help of friendly teachers. The Bell School experience also gave me the opportunity to discover New York City through trips organized by the staff to the Bronx Zoo, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Madison Square Garden..... But to me Bell Language School became my home away from home. Thank You!
Sayaka Shirayanagi
Sayaka Shirayanagi, Japan (Tokyo)
Through the Bell Language School, I've met many people who are from various countries and I've learned not only American culture but also other cultures. Moreover, the teachers teach us to understand easily. Also all staff is very kind and courteous. Because of it, I enjoyed my school life a lot.
Eva Miquel
Eva Miquel, Spain (Barcelona)
In Bell Language School I've learned English, but most of all I've got confidence. I'm not afraid of speaking English any more, indeed, I like it! I've met a lot of people from all over the world and I've made friends. The school was a very comfortable environment and you never get bored.
Florence Degouge
My teacher was Chris.  He was a very nice person and an experienced teacher. He gave us great lessons and time passed very quickly, I enjoyed it!
Claudio Tellini
I would definitely recommend Bell Language School to others. The classes are very helpful for learning English, and the activities are a lot of fun. The atmosphere is very friendly and easygoing! All students really enjoy studying here.
Noriko Kuroo
My teacher was Valerie.  She was always cheering me and other students.  She gave us a lot of interesting topics and she tried to help us speak English.  My English has gotten a lot better.  Thank you Valerie and Bell Language School!
Michal Malinovski
I am happy that I decided to study in Bell Language School. In a short period of time, I learned to speak in English well enough to communicate in every situation and to get a high score on TOEFL exam. Now I'm well prepared to continue my studies in a university.
Kouassi Ebrottie
Kouassi Ebrottie, Côte d'Ivoire
Hello! My name is Kouassi and I'm very happy to study at Bell Language School. The teachers are very good and all native speakers, which help us to improve our pronunciation!
Yetkin Yuce
Yetkin Yuce, Turkey (Ankara)
It is a wonderful opportunity to learn English in NYC at Bell Language School. I have lots of friends all over the world and we have a great time in NYC's hillarious atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Bell Language School.