School transfer

If you have maintained your student status you may transfer to Bell Language School as long as you follow the following procedures:

  1. Speak with your current foreign-student adviser about your possible transfer to Bell Language School. Make sure you have completed your current program and do not have an outstanding balance or any other issues with your current institution.
  2. Fill out an application form, register for your chosen program, choose your payment plan, pay the tuition (the minimum payment is $590!) and the following expenses:

    Registration fee $100 (non-refundable)

  3. Obtain the transfer form from Bell Language School and the acceptance letter. You can have it faxed, mailed or emailed to the address you provide.
  4. Submit the transfer form to your current foreign-student adviser. Once the transfer form is filled out and signed, your current foreign-student adviser should first fax and then send it over to Bell Language School.
  5. Provide copies of statements of your financial support. You can either fax them, or send as scanned images to, or mail them to the school's address. These documents are required by US Immigration and Naturalization Service from the school to issue an I-20 form. You can use one of three possible ways of stating your financial support. Please note that in every case your available funds should be approximately $1900 per month of your intended study (for instance, if you intend to study 7.5 months, (4 sessions) your balance should be no less than $12 000). You may either:

    • Submit an original statement from your bank account.
    • if you have an American resident or citizen as your sponsor, have him or her fill out affidavit of support (I-134 form) and submit his or her bank statement.
    • if you have a sponsor who resides in your country, have your sponsor write a sponsorship letter (in English) and submit his or her bank statement. In the sponsorship letter your sponsor should clearly state that he or she will cover all your tuition, and living and medical expenses.

  6. Speak with a foreign-student adviser at Bell Language School to learn what information and papers may also be required from your current institution. The Bell Language School's foreign-student adviser will notify INS of your transfer and issue you a new I-20 form. If you plan to leave the United States during the transfer, consult foreign-student advisers in both institutions.

You can also transfer from Bell Language School to a new institution as long as it is permitted by the INS to enroll F-1 students. If you want to transfer from Bell Language School to another institution, you have to notify a Bell Language School's foreign adviser at least a month before your transfer. You also have to make sure that you complete the sessions you paid for before your transfer.