Sajeel Murad

Hey everyone! Please meet Sajeel, a Bell Language School’s alumnus who wants to share his story with you. Sajeel is a young theater producer from Pakistan. He has always dreamt about the Broadway scene, even before his arrival to New York City. He believed that by working hard with patience he can achieve his dreams. That’s why he started his journey by learning English at Bell Language School in 2016. It was Sajeel’s first American school experience and he has said that it completely changed his views and positively affected his English skills and accent. Most importantly, Sajeel feels that Bell teachers and the whole experience at school helped him to become free and more confident, not to be shy to speak freely and state his opinion. After successfully completing a few levels of Intensive English classes and a complete TOEFL Preparation course, Sajeel passed the TOEFL exam and got accepted to college for a Master’s degree in project management. There is a bright future ahead of Sajeel. His plans entail finishing his Master’s degree, producing a play or a musical on Broadway, and creating a group of companies that would cover all of his professional interests. Sajeel’s advice and motto is “Believe, become, behave, and behold!”