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02/20/2012 23:03
02/14/2012 10:05
Check out our video announcement, come on Friday and subscribe for further videos!!
01/13/2012 05:57
09/20/2011 11:05
On September 2, 2011 we had a great time at our Annual Picnic and Soccer Tournament in Prospect Park. Thank you all for coming and making this day special for all of us!
12/22/2010 11:17
Thank you everyone for participating in our Holiday Talent Show 2010! You made it possible! We had a lot of fun! Special thanks to Natalia Yurkevich for helping to organize this event and for taking beutiful pictures! Also special thanks to Tagir and "The Tagir Film" for creating this amazing video! Enjoy!
12/07/2010 08:40
12/07/2010 08:37
11/04/2010 13:30
07/29/2010 19:00
08/13/2008 10:54
Take a look at the video, a commercial for the Blue Man Group produced with our students!
08/13/2008 07:30
Explore Bell School and The Big Apple.
02/08/2008 12:45
Check out the video from our field trip - the cruise in Manhattan
11/28/2007 10:42
11/28/2007 10:41
Check out our Halloween party- By Tagir Gibadullin
09/20/2007 07:17
Memories, sweet memories... By Tagir Gibadullin
09/20/2007 07:16
On May 23, 2007, we had a fun time going to the Bronx Zoo. Check out the video made by Tagir Gibadullin, one of our students!
09/20/2007 07:16
On July 13, 2007, our students played soccer for our Bell Language School First Soccer Tournament! Check out the video made by Tagir Gibadullin, one of our students!

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