06/21/2018 11:46

It may seem that the assessment of the level of proficiency in a foreign language – a thing very subjective. Indeed, categories such as "fluent in English", "has a good vocabulary", or "understand without a vocabulary" is very blurred, they are not taken seriously in any decent University or the personnel Department of a prestigious foreign company.

In today's globalizing world, studying abroad is not only an interesting experience, but also a chance in the future to get a paying job, Executive position, a promotion. For foreigners arriving at us and canadian universities from countries in which English is not the official, more than fifty years ago introduced a standardized exam TOEFL.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a test developed by leading linguists, at the moment he is considered the most objective and in demand not only in the United States and Canada, but also in many European and Asian countries, and is also used in the selection of employees in the largest international corporations.

Since this test has been developed for a long time, long time it existed only on paper, but in recent preference for its online version.

Internet-based Test (iBT) includes several sections: reading, listening, writing, speaking. During the first stage applicants are asked not only to read the text and answer the questions for him. Texts is usually a few, three or four, and more hours are given only on the completion of this stage. Listening can be and recording lectures, and dialogue among English-speaking people. After listening to each record you must also answer the questions, some of which are specifically designed to confuse the listener and to test his attentiveness and the correct perception and comprehension. For successful completion of the written part of the test you need to be able to compose an essay, to articulate and argue their point of view on the letter. During inspection of oral speech must show the ability to competently Express your thoughts in English, to quickly answer questions and demonstrate skills of presentation, their words listened to information. Only on fulfillment of all tasks of the Internet version of TOEFL is given no more than four and a half hours.

If one of the stages will fail, i.e. not be performed correctly at least one job in each section, the score on the exam is not set. Top results – one hundred and twenty points, thirty for each stage. There are also some unusual restrictions: for example, the test can be made more frequently than once in twelve days.

The results of the examination are stored in a database for two years and are often provided in electronic form, but you can request additional written confirmation. The best part is that this option is absolutely free.

It would seem, nothing complicated, you can prepare for the delivery yourself, but we strongly recommend you not to risk your time and money. First, there is a lot of formal prohibitions, violation of which you can get rid of the exam. The money that you need to pay for the right to take the TOEFL, you will not return. Secondly, the test is focused on verification of knowledge of American English, so you need to clearly know all the grammatical subtleties and differences from the British version.

About all the pitfalls and complexities of the exam, you can learn on courses of preparation for TOEFL. And then the doors more than nine thousand universities around the world will open to you!

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